Courtesy Meritage Homes

Committed to creating healthier living environments for its homeowners, Meritage Homes has announced an expansion of its healthy home offerings. The company has begun installing MERV-13 filters in all its new homes and will now carry the Environmental Protection Agency’s Indoor airPLUS certification, a labeling program aimed at improving indoor air in new homes.

According to the builder, the MERV-13 filter is one of the highest filtration standards available for today’s HVAC systems. They are designed to remove smaller particles, which can reduce or eliminate a variety of air allergens including dust, lint, pollen, mold, and even some bacteria and viruses.

“We are extremely proud to be the first public builder to bring the MERV-13 air filtration standard and the EPA airPLUS certification to all of our buyers,” says Steve Hilton, CEO of Meritage Homes. “Over the last decade, Meritage Homes has set the standard for energy-efficient home building and demonstrated a deep commitment to welcoming families into a new home that supports better health.”

The upgraded filtration system and Indoor airPLUS certification joins Meritage Homes’ existing healthy building practices that reduce chemicals used in the home. The company utilizes building components such as low VOC paints and stains, spray foam insulation, sealed and insulated ducts, low-E windows, Energy Star–certified appliances, and water-saving technology to help homeowners live healthier lives.

“Given today’s environment, we understand that our consumers are looking for ways to keep their homes safer and healthier,” says Phillippe Lord, COO of Meritage Homes. “The adoption of the latest in air filtration technology enables Meritage Homes to meet and exceed buyers’ expectations and deliver on our promise to set new building standards and raise the bar across the industry.”