Mattamy Homes has partnered with energy storage company Electriq Power to bring energy-efficient homes of the future to residents of Chandler, Arizona.

Mattamy's Haven community in the heart of Chandler features three-story lofts and two-story homes as well as resort-style amenities and convenient access to transportation, schools, services and recreation. Working with Electriq, Mattamy is pleased to provide every homeowner in Haven (286 units) with the means to enjoy lower utility bills, a healthier living environment and a reduced carbon footprint.

"Mattamy and Electriq are leaders in our respective industries in terms of innovation, and we're extremely excited about the opportunities that this partnership offers our customers," said Harry Lourimore, Phoenix Division president for Mattamy Homes. "The Electriq team is passionate about what they do and committed to making a difference with customers and in the world. As such, our goals and values align perfectly, and we're looking forward to offering our home buyers the opportunity to have this leading-edge smart energy technology working for them in their homes at Haven."

The Electriq Power Pod montors both prodution and use.
The Electriq Power Pod montors both prodution and use.

All homes in Haven are equipped with energy-efficient and environmentally friendly features such as: ENERGY STAR® certified appliances, EcoBee4 WiFi-enabled Smart Thermostats with Amazon® Alexa voice command service, low-flow water fixtures, radiant attic barrier, MERV 8 air filters, LED light bulbs, insulated garage door and dual-pane windows.

The advanced energy program is available to all Haven homeowners through an upgrade package. It combines solar-panel roofing and the Electriq battery-storage units to allow homeowners to produce and store energy to power their homes. The Electriq system allows the homeowner to monitor power creation, storage levels and usage from a laptop or smart device. Other packages can add a variety of smart-home features using the included Ecobee4 Smart Thermostats and the Alexa voice command service as the home's central smart hub, like wireless security system, touchscreen deadbolt, wireless appliance plug-in and smart garage door opener system. All these smart technology services can be integrated into a new Haven home through the home's Alexa voice command service and/or a smart mobile device.

"We continue to see growth in homeowner's desire to take more control of their energy consumption and production around the country. In particular in Arizona, utility demand charges can really affect a homeowner's electric bill and with Mattamy offering the Electriq PowerPod in the Haven community, they're helping make solar + storage affordable for their customers. Based on the initial pilot from the model home, we're estimating savings of approximately $1,800 per year while providing backup power to the homeowners." says Aric Saunders, VP of Sales for Electriq Power. "It's been exciting to work with an innovative home builder like Mattamy Homes on this project."