Peter Arkle

As housing is challenged to meet demand, architects, developers, builders, manufacturers and financiers are joining forces to drive innovation. Here are some of the top technologies that will be shaping the future.

Construction has thrived on innovation and technological breakthroughs for millennia. Now is no different. Firms that embrace today’s cutting-edge technology and techniques can shorten project timelines, cut construction costs and promote a cleaner, more sustainable industry.

The search for efficiency in terms of labor, materials and timelines has come with the territory in the construction industry—from the moment someone first made a brick out of mud and then wondered if there was a better way.

We’re way beyond that now, but the spirit remains the same. How can we speed up construction? What materials can we develop that make structures stronger? How can we incorporate increased sustainability into the work we do? How can we use the virtual world to our advantage?

Here are some of the trends we’re seeing that are making a big impact on the industry.


Building things elsewhere prior to their installation on a project site isn’t necessarily new, but it’s come a long way and is gaining in popularity as pressure ratchets up on project budgets and timelines.

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