A new interlocking wall and roof panel system made of EPS foam and steel studs is light enough to be carried and placed by hand—no crane or special equipment is necessary. GigaHouse by Gigacrete can be purchased as a whole-house system, or it can be combined with standard construction materials. And while company officials say the interior and exterior of its system is designed to be finished using GigaCrete’s plaster products, exterior cladding may be added for a more traditional appearance.

Similar to other panelized systems, GigaCrete offers its product in packages derived from builders’ plans and shipped directly to jobsites, where panels are light enough to be carried and placed by hand. The GigaHouse design eliminates thermal bridging by completely encapsulating studs while providing thermal values ranging from R-24 to R-60. Electrical conduit is provided alongside each stud, while plumbing is added via cutting channels into the EPS foam, then backfilling.

While BUILDER was unable to obtain official pricing for GigaHouse, GigaCrete’s CEO, Michael Johnson, says builders can expect his company’s product to be at or below the cost of typical wood-frame construction.