Another cohousing model, called PodShare, offers renters a relief on rent. This affordable model is for short term renters who need to save, who are traveling for a short time, or who just want the community environment. Regardless, it becomes another viable solution to the high rent base nationwide.

Today’s emerging nomadic generation is leading to a rapid redevelopment of communal living models. Based out in Los Angeles, Podshare is paving the way for short-term housing alternatives. Founded by Elvina Beck, the development centres on a collaborative community, bringing pods, podestrians and co-living into a new model for affordable living. Mood Board Magazine was able to sit down with Beck, and pick at the brains behind this venture.

Companies such as Airbnb, Uber and Netflix have proven how fast our economy is changing towards a pay-as-you-live market, where “access”, as opposed to “ownership,” is becoming the new status quo. People are more connected now than they have ever been and the concept of a fixed office job is slowly vanishing. While the mid-2000’s was marked by the initial burst of ‘co-working’ spaces, a new lifestyle trend of ‘co-living’ has surfaced, pioneered largely in the United States.

While ‘co-living’ still represents itself as an unresolved urban experiment, it is hardly a foreign concept. Dating as far back as to monastic living cells, its reinterpretation today differs only that it hinges on large-scale corporate schemes. Companies such as WeLive and The Collective have brought high priced micro-living to New York and London, where as Roam and Soho House introduces exclusive international ‘telecommuting’ retreats.

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