Over the past year, interest surrounding the topic of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) has skyrocketed. With their increased popularity, Washington, D.C.–based Travis Price Architects has launched Backyard Container, a firm that specializes in simplifying ADU installation. UrbanTurf’s Nena Perry-Brown says Backyard Container is offering three typologies: a 180-square-foot studio apartment or office, a 320-square-foot one-bedroom apartment, or a 640-square-foot unit that is a studio apartment above a one-car garage.

Each option has a standard layout and a ceiling height of just over 8 feet, and in addition to the price of the container itself, add-on services include permitting, site work, and installation and finishing, with the on-the-ground work completed by their construction firm KGP Build.

After permits are acquired, the installation process can take roughly 8-12 weeks. The units cannot be customized outside of a choice of exterior color (although one can also commission a custom ADU instead for a higher price), but you can have them uninstalled and relocated to your next home if you decide to move.

While Travis Price Architects has gotten a lot of interest in large-scale and single-family shipping container developments since their Brookland apartments delivered, Backyard Container is the firm's first foray into ADUs. Thus far, they have delivered a backyard gallery/studio space and are currently in the early contracting phase with a few ADU clients. The ADUs are available within a roughly 60-mile radius of D.C. proper.

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