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The city officials of Rowlett just east of Dallas have come to an "incurable impasse" with real estate developer Tom D'Alesandro's proposed revisions to the billion-dollar plans at Dalrock Road and Interstate 30. The dispute is over a crystal lagoon, a show fountain and trolleys. The city wanted to create a regional destination on the 257-acre property complete with a resort hotel and conference center. In 2015, the city bought the land from the city of Dallas for $31.8 million. D'Alesandro, who took over the project about a year ago, said some of the concepts wouldn't work. He nixed plans for a fountain and an 8 acre lagoon.

Bayside Land Partners maintains that the vision has not changed for Bayside. They say their plans will make for a more sustainable development. But Rowlett leaders say the changes alter the vision of the project and insist that the city must sign off on any changes to the vision.

The council action was followed by a news release Friday. Dana-Bashian's six-page monthly newsletter, released Sept. 13, also focused solely on the response to the proposed changes in the Bayside plan."The Rowlett City Council is resolved that it will not settle for anything less than making Bayside a unique legacy project and world-class destination," Dana-Bashian said.

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