Much is evolving in offsite construction, particularly in customization. With an ever-growing number of design options, plus the efficient assembly that modular and panel components are known for, offsite construction is a welcome relief in a high-demand housing market.

CertainTeed is one company that specializes customization options for offsite construction. With One Precision Assemblies, CertainTeed offers built-to-spec floor, wall, and roof panel systems that can help homeowners get the look they want while speeding up the construction timeline for builders.

Here’s what to know about the customization options in this growing sector of the construction industry.

How has offsite construction advanced in terms of customization?

Improvements in design and manufacturing technologies have allowed offsite manufacturers to expand customizations far beyond the conventional boxes of the past. For example, when combining modular and panelized approaches, floor plans can be customized, and with the flexibility afforded by digital design and manufacturing tools, we can precisely model custom designs and adapt manufacturing processes. This gives builders and home buyers the power to create unique layouts and choose architectural features, just as they would with traditional construction.

What customizations are available?

Offsite customizations are light years from the one-size-fits-all approach of their prefab predecessors. Builders and homebuyers now control virtually everything, from layouts and room sizes to flooring, cabinetry, and countertops. They can choose lighting fixtures, fixture placement, trim, and molding. They can select exterior finishes like siding and roofing styles. They can even design outdoor spaces such as porches and decks and add a home office or sunroom to an existing modular design. Home buyers have all these choices, plus the modern conveniences of smart home technology and high-efficiency HVAC systems and high-performance windows.

How does the timeline of customized offsite construction compare to traditional construction?

Offsite construction – even a highly customized build – is typically three-to-five months faster. Its speed is afforded by three distinct advantages over traditional construction. First, building components are manufactured while site prep and foundation work are also underway. Second, component production is weatherproof, occurring in a controlled factory environment regardless of outdoor conditions. Lastly, modular and panel components are nearly complete when they arrive onsite, often with systems like plumbing, and electrical connections already in place. Even features like siding, roofing, drywall, cabinetry, and appliances can be factory-installed in many cases.

One Precision Assemblies, for example, designs and manufactures fully customizable modular panels that include windows, doors, siding, roof underlayments, insulation, weather barriers, and moisture membranes. Once panels arrive at the project site, a fully insulated, weather-tight, and sided home is installed by CertainTeed in one-to-three days.

What about quality?

Offsite components are manufactured and assembled according to the same quality requirements and rigorous building codes as traditionally constructed homes. In fact, offsite construction often exceeds these standards due to transportation requirements and the precision of building in a controlled environment. Quality has also improved with material advances that deliver greater efficiency and sustainability, and reputable manufacturers back their products with robust warranties.

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Article written by Dennis Michaud, Managing Director of Offsite Solutions at CertainTeed