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In a recent thought leadership piece on Forbes, contributor Jennifer Castenson analyzes the converging worlds of home building and the automobile industry. From electric vehicles that will be able to power homes one day to car manufacturers, like Mercedes-Benz and Honda, that are investing into residential real estate, the article states several different areas where the two industries are coming together to create the homes and cars of the future.

While traditionally the home has been a static resting spot, and a vehicle is about moving to arrive at a destination, the lines are blurring.

“The airlines figured it out,” said Timothy Papandreou, a transportation expert and the founder and CEO of ETA Advisors. “The lounge and the plane are two different spaces that exist for two different needs, but they have made it into one continuous experience.”

As this evolution takes place, home builders and car makers are consciously, or subconsciously, discovering how to continue their user experiences between a moving space and a resting space, and to learn operational best practices from each other.

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