According to the Austin American Statesman, Apple has decided to invest a billion dollars into a new campus facility in Austin, Texas that will add 5,000 jobs and start work on 133-acre campus that could eventually accommodate up to 15,000 workers. “This truly elevates Austin as one of the premier technology hubs in the entire world,” said Gov. Greg Abbott. Construction is slated to start next year with employees scheduled to start moving into the new buildings in 30-36 months.

Tech leaders say they are optimistic Apple’s expansion plans will help bring more top companies and talent to the Austin metro area. Cybersecurity firm Jask, which expanded to Austin from San Francisco in 2017, said Apple’s growing presence in the city puts Austin on par with tech hubs like Silicon Valley.

“Apple’s decision to significantly expand its commitment to Austin clearly illustrates to the incredible talent pool in place here, which has accelerated JASK’s growth since opening our headquarters earlier this year,” Jask CEO Greg Martin said in an emailed statement. “Apple’s presence will only grow that pool, benefit startups, and put Austin on par with Silicon Valley, Seattle, Boston and New York as the top technology and innovation hubs in the country.”

A recent study by tech trade association CompTIA rated Austin the No. 3 tech town in the nation because of its abundance of job opportunities and quality of life. According to CompTIA, the number of Austin IT jobs is expected to grow 15 percent over the next five years — rivaling the San Francisco Bay area in terms of projected growth. The study also pointed to Austin’s cost of living, which is 3.4 percent lower than the national average. It found that more than 37,500 tech jobs were posted in Austin over the last 12 months, and the average salary for IT professionals is $82,285.

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