According to The Tennessean, Amazon's future logistics headquarters for the eastern United States will convert a giant rubble pile downtown into a new development project called Nashville Yards. The $1 billion, 16-acre project will encompass 4 million square feet of surface space including vertical stories. The site is bordered by a rail line, and used to be the home of the LIfeWay Christian Resources campus.

The nearly 16-acre development will entirely reshape how foot and vehicle traffic moves through this formerly inaccessible area. Eight entrances to underground parking garages will be accessible from six streets leading and crisscrossing the project. Motorists exiting the Broadway and Charlotte Avenue exits of Interstate 40 should be able to quickly and easily get off the streets and into a spot, planners said.

To avoid traffic jams, there will be no on-street parking. "We're approaching this as a district," said Gresham Smith principal Joe Bucher, a lead designer. "We will accommodate for ride-hailing drop-offs and valet."

Mayor David Briley also said the city is working on technological improvements to traffic flow. A 1.3-acre park will stretch along the entire front of the development, from Church Street to Broadway along the railroad track. While privately owned, the park will be landscaped and publicly accessible.

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