Gen Z is alarmingly more anxious and passionate about home buying than the over-analyzed Millennial group. But what could be holding them back and how can builders react?

For example, 82 percent said homeownership is the most important factor in achieving the American Dream. Most adults feel that way, too. But millennials, not so much. And a whopping 97 percent of the Gen Zers polled said they fully expect to own a home sometime in the future.

But how much does homeownership really mean to them? I mean, what are they willing to give up? How far are they willing to stretch? Pretty far, it turns out.

Nearly two out of every five would willingly take their mom or dad to their high school prom if it allowed them to buy a home. And even more telling, a bit more than half said they would gladly give up social media altogether for one solid year if it meant being able to buy.

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