TRI Pointe and Bobby Berk
Dwayne Clark, Bobby Berk,  Laura Denley of TRI Pointe, and TRI Pointe marketing chief Linda Mamet

The stars aligned.

The Responsive Homes' elevations etched themselves into a postcard sunset against the distant ridges, as hundreds of home builder guests flowed through their rooms and backyard living spaces. A block party of about 500 or 600 friends came to salute the work of Pardee Homes, its TRI Pointe Group parent, and the design collaboration and genius of Bassenian Lagoni, Bobby Berk, and Anderson Baron--the architects, designer, and landscape architecture that make our Responsive Homes, well, different.

The work matters. It will get notoriety for molds it has broken, for bounds it has stretched, and for progress it has made in the critical area of design, engineering, product manufacture, and materials that can work together to do two things:

One is to make new homes "attainable" to young adult home buyers. Two, is to make them exciting, immediately responsive, and enduringly adaptive to their lives and lifestyles as they grow, morph, become more comfortable, and look, in an ongoing way for change.

TRI Pointe chief operating officer Tom Mitchell was on hand yesterday, and he affirmed that the worth of the project was in the challenge the industry has to inspire young buyers, and to discover operational and design solutions to make new homes arrive in the market in ways that are attainable.

"We didn't get into this project knowing exactly what the homes we're standing in tonight would look like," said Mitchell. "It was a learning process, and that learning goes on as we try to ignite excitement among the next generation of buyers."

The Pardee, Bobby Berk, Bassenian, Anderson Baron, Ketchum, Claudia Sieb, and the tribe of Hanley Wood partners, including Metrostudy, our marketing and events team, our web development, and content teams, and especially TRI Pointe Group should be proud of two prototypes that will enjoy some moments of fame and attention for the way they raise the bar on design and construction for the Millennial buyer.

The discovery process goes on. We'll stay tuned as we all learn what we need to to do work that matters for our next generation of home buyers.