Forbes graphically captures the astonomical rates that renters are paying in some of the most expensive, and also highest demand, markets in the country. The escalation of rent is presenting an affordability issue that needs complete collaboration between housing providers and cities to solve.

San Francisco is the most expensive city in the United States to rent an apartment, according to Zumper. Prospective tenants hunting in San Francisco will need extremely deep pockets with the median rental price for a one-bedroom apartment running to $3,330 per month. People searching for a larger place with two bedrooms in the Bay Area will have to fork over a whopping $4,500 in rent every month.

New York City isn't far behind with astronomical rents standard practice. A one-bedroom apartment in the Big Apple would set a tenant back $3,000 every month while an extra bedroom would push that up to $3,400. There's a considerable gap back to third-placed Boston where rent for a one-bedroom still comes to an exorbitant $2,240. Toledo, Ohio is at the very bottom of Zumper's list with rental prices for a one-bedroom apartment amounting to a mere $440.

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