Opendoor has announced that it is opening a new engineering office in Atlanta, Georgia. This will be the home sale platform’s first engineering office outside of its San Francisco headquarters, in addition to its sales and operations offices in cities across the country.

The office aims to hire about 20 engineers by the end of the year, with a goal of 150 engineers by 2020, according to Bali Raghavan, vice president of engineering. The company currently has 650 employees, including 60 already employed in Atlanta’s existing sales and operations center.

In an interview with VentureBeat, Raghavan said that Opendoor chose Atlanta for its new engineering office due to its status as a strong engineering hub, the fierce competition for talent in San Francisco, and the high costs of living and doing business in the Bay Area.

Opendoor is just one of many Bay Area companies that are looking outside of the Bay Area for talent, as the cost of living and doing business there has risen dramatically. Google, for example, said that this year it will be making significant investments in its Colorado and Michigan offices, while Apple is reportedly eyeing North Carolina for a new customer center.

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