With the dawn of smart homes comes a landslide of data. Collecting this data and fashioning it into knowledge and learning that benefits the organization in real time is a challenge that most organizations face.

As the collectors of actionable input information, networked smart devices with embedded sensors, software and electronics are a key driving force behind the Internet of Things (IoT).

However, they do not generate value for organizations on their own. Powerful, fast database technologies are required to create meaningful insight from the connected devices that are generating Big Data. When used correctly, the opportunities smart devices and the IoT present across sectors can be ground-breaking and deliver a real competitive advantage.

Opportunities in every sector
The financial services sector is a well-known example of where Big Data is already having a significant impact. The move from people-driven to algorithmic trading is just one illustration of this. But, the technology that enabled this shift holds the potential to significantly benefit a myriad of industries. First movers across numerous sectors have already woken up to the potential, and it won’t be long before smart devices and the IoT become standard practice across every area of business.

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