As most housing trends tend to originate in California, so does the trend for affordability. While housing leaders are trying to take corrective action and offer more affordable options to California residents, they may be taking action themselves. A new study finds that more than half have thought about leaving the state to spend less on housing.

A new poll from UC Berkeley has found that 65 percent of Bay Area respondents rank housing affordability as an "extremely serious" problem facing the region right now, while over half of Californians surveyed told pollsters they've considered moving elsewhere.

The study from UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies polled 1,200 California registered voters throughout the state from Aug. 27 to Sept. 5 in both English and Spanish. It found that 56 percent of respondents had considered moving from their current location — and one in four of those said they'd mulled moving out of California entirely.

More locally, 65 percent of respondents from the Bay Area said they believe housing affordability is an extremely serious problem, with 63 percent of local respondents saying they support some form of rent control implemented. That number climbed to 68 percent when asked of Los Angeles-located residents.

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