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From the so-called 'Second City' comes this report on how many people will travel for the July 4th holiday. CBS Chicago reports:

A record number of drivers is expected to take to the nation’s highways and byways on Tuesday, ahead of the Fourth of July holiday.

Nearly 47 million Americans are expected to travel for Independence Day. Approximately 40 million will be driving to their destination, up 5.1 percent from last year.

That means, during peak travel times, your trip could take you twice as long as normal. In Chicagoland, the worst travel times will between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Tuesday, according to the AAA.

In all, 2.2 million people are expected to be driving for the holiday in Illinois, up 5.7 percent over last year.

“You know what? Traffic was bad last year, so it might not be too great this year, too. So we’ll see,” said Danny Breslin, of Westmont.

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