Zillow is launching 3D home tours to give buyers and sellers a more immersive look at home listings. Zillow 3D Homes uses an app to provide agents, builders, property managers and home owners the ability to capture an immersive 3D tour of their listing from their iPhone at no cost, and publish it to their listing on Zillow and their brokerage website. Phoenix is the first city to get access to the Zillow 3D Home app.

The app works by capturing 360 degree panoramic photos of all the rooms in the home directly through the app. Zillow puts the photos together in just a few hours to create a 3D tour through the space. A 3,000 square foot home can be captured in about 30 minutes.

More than 70 percent of first-time home buyers are Millennials and they consider 3D media to be as important as open houses, according the 2017 Zillow Group Housing Trends Report. Additionally, 44 percent of home buyers and 47 percent of renters are searching for a home from a distance - either from a different city, state or even out of the country.

"Buyers are increasingly engaging with interactive tours and videos, and we’ve been looking for an efficient way to help agents create this type of content for their listings," said Matt Hensler, Chief Marketing & Innovation of HomeSmart International, which has been testing Zillow 3D Home in its Phoenix brokerage. "Zillow 3D Home has proven to be a cost and time saving way for agents to accomplish this with the simple use of their iOS device."