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While some people consider business cards outdated, Michael Stone argues they are a simple, inexpensive way to provide everyone you come in contact with the information they need to reach you. The business card is advertising that costs pennies, as 1,000 cards cost less than $50.

While Stone says he sees a lot of cards with complex graphic designs that only allow room for names and email addresses, he says this is not sufficient.

Not everyone wants to use their computer of smart phone to reach you. Make it easy for them to do business with you; give them multiple ways to contact you. Your business card needs to be effective more than stylish.

The card has two sides: use them both. The side your customer sees first should have your company name, logo if you have one, a brief description of what you do, and your picture. One the opposite side should be your name, phone number, fax number if you have one, email address, company website, and a physical address so they can snail mail you if needed.

Stone argues that the picture on the business card is essential because people are less likely to throw away a card with a photo on it. The description should include the one or two things your company specifically focuses on the provide a clear message for anyone who views your card.

Stone argues that business cards will provide the highest rate of return on your advertising dollar. The results may not be immediate, but over time the business you generate from your business cards will be invaluable.

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