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Online presence is more important than ever as more buyers shop online for homes and services. This not only means creating and maintaining a website and social media profiles, but also advertising online. In a blog post for REMODELERS ADVANTAGE, guest contributor Danielle Russell discusses the advantages and disadvantages of two main online advertising methods: Facebook Advertising and Google AdWords:

Facebook Ads and Google AdWords do not need to work together, nor do they need to work in silos. Since they are targeting largely separate audiences, they do not interfere with one another or create large overlaps.

Facebook Ads are great at showcasing your awards, recent projects, and other brand awareness topics. They are targeting people who may not even be searching for remodeling yet but have shown an interest in related topics like home maintenance, interior design, and related publications or TV shows. This audience, however, can be narrowed down to the right region to the zip code, number of kids, income range, employer, and other buyer persona details.

Google AdWords are perfect for pulling in traffic that is already searching for what you have to offer. This audience is likely engaged and actively seeking remodeling services, but they may not be ready to make a decision yet. They’re gathering information and researching companies, costs, and more.

Both advertising tools are deeply powerful and can grow your business when harnessed properly.

Follow the link below for in-depth details about each tool.

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