An Idaho builder is taking the appointment out of the new-hom sales process by allowing prospective buyers to access model homes through their smart phones.

CBH Homes in Boise reasoned that the barrier to get buyers into a home for sale has typically been through a Realtor or setting an appointment. So it adopted Tour Now, which gives prospective buyers instant home access without an agent. CBH Homes has installed 100 self-locks on 100 available homes in southern Idaho. To tour a CBH home, it's as simple as calling a phone number, getting verified and accessing the property on your time, your schedule.

"Consumers want products faster and easier. They're looking for the self-serve model. Similar to the easy access of VRBO or Airbnb experience. At CBH Homes, we understand this and are working to provide that", said Ronda Conger, VP at CBH Homes. "They don't want to call and make an appointment, they want to do their own research and tour at their convenience."

In the first month with only 10 locks installed, CBH Homes had more than 85 self-guided tours. Now, with over 100 locks in the field they expect this number to skyrocket. CBH is not alone in employing this technolody. Zillow also announced earlier in the spring that it is piloting an app for self-guided house tours in an article here.