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Technology startup veteran Jason Frazier, in a piece for HousingWire, writes that when companies in the real estate world create social media content it’s important to focus on the details.

These days, it’s more difficult to make content stand out because there’s so much out there. With so many options for consumers, it is important that you are doing everything to put your best foot forward in your marketing.

Here are some examples of what not to do with your social media content:

Vertical video - In a mobile-first world, doing vertical video is key to the various "story" platforms (Snapchat, Instagram). But if have plans to publish your video to mainstream channels like, YouTube, Vimeo, your website, etc. do not do it in vertical mode. The vertical format does not translate well to "landscape" channels. You get the "black bar" effect on the sides of the video which makes the video harder to watch. Make sure to go landscape mode when planning on syndicate on other channels.

Sharing content - If you are doing "blind shares", you are missing an opportunity to "piggyback" your opinion/thoughts onto a trending article. People who follow you will care about hearing your perspective. It is why they follow you to begin with. Also, make sure you read the article you are sharing. Form an opinion so that you can engage in a discussion. That should be your goal on every single post.

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