There are several approaches to solve for the current labor crisis in housing - training, automation, and other new technologies. It will likely take a combination of these solutions and some other great ideas to help housing produce to demand.

Other industries, like aviation, are coming up with unique solutions through strategic partnerships, like the one outlined here.

In 2010, the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) announced training rates in the global aviation sector were dramatically lower than they needed to be. By predicting how many engineers and aviation professionals would be needed in 2030, the ICAO concluded total global training capacity was falling short by some 18,000 places every year. This trend was particularly pronounced in the UK, with a growing perception among young people that the industry was simply out of reach.

The shortfall prompted organisations like the Aviation Skills Partnership (ASP) to push back. As part of its campaign to make the industry more identifiable and accessible for British youngsters, the ASP reached out to Norse Group, a company that offers services in property consultancy, care and facilities management. The result of this joint venture is the UK-based International Aviation Academy – Norwich, a cutting-edge learning facility opening in 2017 with the goal of producing the next generation of aviation engineers, flight crews and pilots.

Building the future
“The project was ambitious. It sought to lift aspirations and link education, training and employment for children as young as eight”, said Mike Britch, Managing Director of Norse Group. “Converting the vision into reality required a number of partners willing to overcome barriers and make timely decisions in a business-like manner.”

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