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There’s a part on your website you may be forgetting about, “Meet the Owner.” While many builder websites have an “About Us” section, Fine Homebuilding’s Martin Holsinger says “About Us” is not enough. The “About” page should outline the company, what services you provide, and a brief background, but it doesn’t go in depth who you are as the owner. Potential clients want to learn about you and connect with you on a personal level to establish some initial trust. Even if you aren’t working with clients directly, you carry the purpose and passion of your brand and your employees carry it after you. Holsinger has some tips on how to write your “Meet the Owner” page below.

1. Define Your Client’s Need
You want to open this page defining their need, and then you want to transition into your own story—not for the sake of telling your story, but for the sake of showing them how your story and your background connects their need. When you open up your conversation or your story, you need to start with why they’re looking at your website…what are they looking for, etc.

2. Get on Your Client’s Level
We’re all human, and to some extent share the most basic desires. Communicate your own desires for peace, outdoor beauty, and relaxation. This shows that what you do as a contracting company is important to you personally.

3. Fulfill Your Client’s Need
If your future clients are coming to your website to look for inspiration and a respectable business to help them fulfill their backyard dreams, describe how you will take care of them.

4. Introduce Yourself and Offer Personal Details
Then you can go on to talk about your childhood, your family, some of your dreams, some of the struggles you’ve been through in your life and business. Maybe even share a few of the ways you give back to the community around you.

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