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As buyers continue to want homes that feel more custom than ever, the pressure is on builders to find innovative ways to enhance the process. Popping up all over the country, design studios have become a great solution for offering a personalized appearance.

After studying the design studios of leading residential builders across the country, Constellation Homebuilder Systems has compiled the insights and created a guide of best practices to increase upgrade revenue and improve construction efficiency.

This home builder's e-guide covers:

  • Front line trends on how to improve the design studio experience and visualization for buyers
  • Strategies on increasing new home sales margins
  • Back office trends to create efficiencies and minimize manual processes
  • Future trends and emerging gadgets to encourage interior upgrades

Front Line Trend #1: Developing an Effective Catalog System to Save Time

The importance of curating your interior upgrade selections is critical to the homeowner experience and sales process efficiency. Builders must produce interior upgrade catalogs by each model home offered, to effectively organize this information. Whether in digital or print format, production builders realize that based on each model type offered, their vendors could only provide certain styles for a specific floor plan. The builder must control what upgrades the homeowners can see in order to prevent customers from falling in love with an upgrade package that does not work with their selected floor plan or model. Creating a type of cataloging system that showcases top selling upgrades is the best solution for most production builders. Digitizing this catalog can drastically reduce production/printing costs, and simplify updates to the product information (especially pricing and availability) in addition to the significant time savings.

View the complete 2019 Design Studio Trends for Homebuilders at Constellation.

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