During the opening session of BB 05, Kimball Hill's CEO David Hill asked John Laing's CEO Larry Webb how many units the company closed in 2004. Webb responded promptly with, “We don't close units, we build homes.” It's that shift in corporate philosophy that makes John Laing Homes stand out from the crowd. And that unfaltering focus on delivering the best new home buying experience possible is definitely paying off. In competitive terms, John Laing surpassed $1 billion in revenue for the first time last year. In 2005, through the launch of two new divisions—Laing Urban and John Laing Homes Bay Area—the company will exceed the roughly 2,000 homes they closed last year.

But for John Laing, it's not just about peak financial performance. The company is heavily invested in the communities in which it builds. Partnering with more than 150 philanthropic organizations, the builder strives to improve the lives of people in various communities.

This strategy is carried out internally as well. Just as John Laing is committed to ensuring its home buyers are delighted from the top down, the company also works diligently to keep its employees satisfied.

LAING IS LAUDED: Larry Webb accepted the Most Admired Builder of the Year award at 2005's BIG BUILDER conference in Las Vegas.