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  • Paver options offer cutting-edge style and performance.

  • Kitchen Cabinets

    “The affluent market dictates trends,” asserts Kevin Henry, president of Alno USA, the high-end European cabinet manufacturer. This is as true for kitchen cabinets as it is for fashion. And with the proclivity toward contemporary European design seemingly on the rise nationwide—at most income and age levels—it makes sense to pay attention to what's going on at the top.

  • In Depth

    There was a time when a good part of the American dream was to own a home with a backyard. Dad would drive to the hardware store right before Memorial Day and buy a “barbecue” for summer cookouts. Then, until Labor Day, the whole family would gather around the redwood picnic table, feasting on charcoal-grilled hot dogs and hamburgers—while mom ran in and out of

  • State Of The Art

    In a recent NAHB consumer survey, 69 percent of the respondents replied that they would install a separate shower enclosure; 67 percent would add water-temperature controls. A somewhat less impressive 58 percent desired a whirlpool tub. While these numbers don't indicate a radical drop in bathtub sales, they do point toward a growing fondness for showering.

  • State Of The Art

    State of the Art: Stow Below

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