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  • Yes, there's plenty of news right now to knock a smile off the sunniest face. But sometimes, when the world looks bleak, someone will put that smile right back where it belongs.

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    Like many building sites on South Carolina's Hilton Head Island, this one is relatively small—just slightly more than half an acre—but that only meant Group 3 architects had to work harder to make their clients' new down-sized home live as big as the one they were leaving.

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    The pool was already in place, just a short distance from the house.

  • You could almost feel it, couldn't you? The seismic shift that shook the country last fall and sent our collective consciousness in search of the safe side? All of a sudden, savings accounts, home-cooked meals, and clipping coupons are the new national pastimes, while luxury-on-display has become so 2005.

  • It's finally happened. The housing crisis has spread to the custom home building business. Not every corner of it, mind you. From what we hear, custom builders who are building for “old money” clients, professional athletes, and movie stars are doing fine. But, really, how many clients like that are there?

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