Leah Thayer

Leah Thayer is a senior editor at REMODELING.

Leah Thayer's Posts

  • Citing its “delicious proportions” and “undulating” presence, the judges compared this dramatic entryway to “a very elegant wedding cake” that celebrates the home's ubiquitous views of the Lieutenant River.

  • Applauding its “strong use of materials” and “very sculptural, very quiet” presence, the judges chose this entry as the only winner in the bathroom category.

  • Despite its 5,900 square feet of living space, this 60-year-old English Cape presents a deceptively modest face to its Arlington, Va., street.

  • Remodeling Design Awards

    This modern adaptation of a bare-boned condominium in a 1930s department store building pleased the judges for its “sculptural” built-ins, “high sense of style,” and “great lightness of being.”

  • Many companies talk about diversity, but Everett Collier and David Ostrom live it. They have to: Their San Francisco company, Collier Ostrom (Big50 2000), has experienced a major demographic shift that is having an impact on remodelers everywhere. In short, the largely white, male industry is getting old. And it needs immigrants, minorities, and women.

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