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Katie Gloede is on the Radar Desk Data Studio team working with Metrostudy to integrate housing data across the Hanley Wood brands. 

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  • Big Builder

    Summer is the peak of wedding season. And following a somewhat promising spring selling season, wedding season means newlyweds are out searching for their first home. So, we also went out and searched for the top 15 markets with the highest (and lowest) percentage of newlywed new home buyers--and the top builders best capitalizing on this demographic.


    With a wider variation in pay than most CEOs and CFOs, the 12 publicly held home builders with a Chief Operating Officer offer heady comp packages for executives running the show. Here they are, ranked by pay in 2014.


    As new home buying gradually shifts from boomers to millennials in the next few decades, builders might need to shift the cities they focus on to cater to the younger generation. Which markets are millennials flocking to, and which builders already control the market?


    Which builders are ready to start dominating? DR Horton closed the most new units in 2014, but other builders are coming on strong with a growing sales pace. Here’s BUILDER’s look at these fastest-growing public builders by closings, from the BUILDER 100.


    Which builders rule America’s retirement magnets? Looking at 2015’s top 50 places to retire, here, from data journalist Katie Gloede, is BUILDER’s breakdown of the 15 home builders poised to control new residential sales in booming towns for baby boomers.

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