Joe Stoddard

Joe Stoddard is an industry consultant and the director of builder operations for Dynamic Solutions. Technology, computers

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  • Category Review

    Computerized layouts help builders meet stricter codes and control lumber costs.

  • Remodeling industry and technology consultant Joe Stoddard shares tech tips you can easily use now to improve your business.

  • Stay on top of things whatever the weather

    Industry consultant Joe Stoddard offers solutions for data storage — before there's an emergency to contend with.

  • Companies look to create a sense of community about their products and neighborhoods.

  • Still fond of the days of clipboards and pencil stubs? Home building's subdivision culture can find mobile communications and its host of buzzwords, acronyms, and mutating “form factors” more than a little geeky scary. Nostalgia can't compete, however, with the strategic imperatives that wireless communication promises. As dramatically slower absorptions and weakening pricing threaten to compress margins, home builders are relying on reduced cycle time and increased efficiency, accuracy, and productivity to make up some of the gross profits they're losing on the volume and pricing side of the equation. Hoping to achieve those imperatives, big builders are embracing wireless technology and tools. The embrace can be hesitant, with good reason. Wireless technology suffers from drawbacks that seem almost intentionally designed to chafe builders. Connectivity, also known as coverage or service, is unreliable or nonexistent in many remote spaces where builders operate.

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