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Jeffrey Lee is senior director of content development for Building Forward at Hanley Wood. He has previously served as an editor for Architect, Eco-Structure, Architectural Lighting, and other publications.

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  • A production builder shares lessons learned from his first green development.

  • Green rater's tips help building pros ace their final inspection.

  • The PowerCost Monitor is a wireless energy monitor that displays how much electricity the user’s home consumes from moment to moment and in total. A countertop display unit can present total electricity costs in dollars and cents and in kilowatt hours, and users can see their peak energy cost within the last 24 hours. A sensor unit attaches to the outside of a home’s electric utility meter and wirelessly transmits use information to the Power Monitor. 866.607.2583.

  • The HOBO U30-WIF station is a remote data-logging and monitoring device with built-in WiFi communications that can be reconfigured and adapted to a variety of applications, such as measuring energy usage of a device, outside temperature, or carbon dioxide. Up to 15 channels of data can be recorded and monitored remotely via HOBOlink, a Web-enabled software package that lets users access current and historical data, set alarm notifications, and manage remote monitoring systems. 800.564.4377.

  • The Power Monitor tells homeowners how much electricity they are using in real time and the cost in dollars and cents. A wireless sensor attaches to the electric meter outside a home, monitors the rate at which electricity is consumed, and transmits the information to a handheld display monitor. Users can program cost-per-kilowatt-hour and billing plan information from their electric bills into the monitor. 800.544.6986.

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