FourPlans: Don Gardner's Most Functional Designs

Since 1978, Donald A. Gardner Architects has delivered popular house plans that beautifully combine stylish exteriors with open, practical-minded interiors. These four plans show off the best of what Gardner designs offer: indoor/outdoor living, space where it counts (in the kitchen and master suite), functional workspace, and lots of storage.Builder House Plans showcases nearly 1,000 plans in the Donald A. Gardner collection.

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The Big List, part 3

What the early stages of this housing recovery show, like every one before it, is the value of home sites that the market's early movers want. A, B, and C lots in America's 25-or so new-home building Meccas earn their letter grades because they trade, not as financial assets, but as real-world real estate that a home buyer wants as his or her home. We've seen in parts 1 and 2 of the TRI Pointe Homes story how global capital and corporate strategy converged on home building earlier this year. In this final segment of the story, we get a feel for what it's like to sprint for the finish line of an initial public offering on the NYSE, and what comes next. BIG BUILDER's John McManus reports.

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