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1Q14 Denver Housing Market Analysis

Metrostudy's first-quarter market survey finds increased competition for lots will squeeze first-time and entry level buyers. Read more

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Affordability: A Menace or an Opportunity Affordability: A Menace or an Opportunity

Zillow analyst Krishna Rao is out this morning with a worry-inducing report on American housing markets' erosion in "strong home price affordability." The big data show that in many markets, the percentage of folks who earn median household incomes who can afford a median-priced home is shrinking. In some markets, prices are already forcing people to look farther afield from job centers and downtowns. What do you make of this? Do price and relative affordability trends strike you as a threat to demand, or an opportunity to spark demand by disrupting the trend? Read more

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Stormwater Management Made Easy Stormwater Management Made Easy

It's probably not the most fun part of your job, but with stricter environmental codes, it's increasingly important. Before you start to build, you've got to have a strategy in place. Read more

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Despite Bad News, HUD’s Donovan Sees House Prices Rising Soon

But builders and buyers in many markets are still waiting for prices to hit bottom. Read more

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Boral Bricks Permeable Clay Paver Boral Bricks Permeable Clay Paver

These permeable clay pavers allow stormwater to seep through to the soil. Read more

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House Converts Saltwater to Fresh Water House Converts Saltwater to Fresh Water

A seaside home makes the most of an abundant local resource. Read more

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Lowe’s Reorganizes U.S. Store Management

The home improvement giant is laying off 1,700 middle managers across 80% of its stores and will hire up to 10,000 part-time salespeople. Read more

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10 Economic and Business Issues to Watch in 2011

Everything from unemployment to the cost of copper could impact the 2011 fortunes of builders. Read more

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New EPA Stormwater Rules Pose Challenges and Opportunities

Builders and developers might still have a chance to influence state officials who will determine how guidelines will be executed. Read more

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Home Prices Continue To Stabilize

Latest data from two leading barometers of existing home prices seem to indicate price deterioration is reversing itself. Read more

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