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2014 Digital Editions


Footing to Finish: With challenges from the start, see how the builder of The New American Home beat the clock.



Modern Luxury + High Performance = THE 2014 NEW AMERICAN HOME



Walkability: Why we care ... and why you should, too.



BUILDER's 2014 Buyer's Guide: Top 40 Product Articles of 2013; Buyer's Guide Directory; 2013 Brand Use Study.



2014 Builder 100: The firms on our 2013 Builder 100 and Next 100—many of which are new to the list—are fine examples of how to stay on the offensive as market challenges continue.


May - Big Builder Supplement

FIRST TIME'S A CHARM - LGI's operation model is simple: crash the barriers to entry-level. HOUSE OF CARDS - Big Builder's 2014 public builder report cards prove one thing: It's good to be king.



Design Within Reach: Seven strategies to make homes approachable to more buyers. Local Leaders: The top 50 markets in the US and the companies that lead the way. 2014 Watermark Awards: Setting a new standards in kitchen and bath design.



The Color of Money: From resilience to brilliance, what makes home distinct is made in America.


2013 Digital Editions


Housing on the rebound; The New American Home; and the 2013 recipients of the Hearthstone Builder Humanitarian Awards.



Flexibility was key for these 25 builders who survived the recession; three case studies demonstrate the benefits of adaptive reuse; and our annual report on the State of the Industry.



America's Best Builders; blending traditional style with today's open floorplans; tips on wooing women buyers; and innovative new products.



The 2013 Buyers Guide & Web Directory



The annual Builder 100 reports, design insights on infill communities, and 9 ways to boost profits.


May - Big Builder Supplement

'A' GAME - In our annual report cards, 5 out of 15 public builders nab top grade. TO THE RESCUE - Private equity funding plus public stock sales create a hybrid breed of builder with capital to buy land and grow.



BUILDER's Local Leaders lists, The 2013 Watermark Awards, the latest products and more.



BUILDER's tornado coverage, new ways to sell houses, the latest products and more.



BUILDER's investigates the labor shortage, dual purpose laundry rooms, the latest products and more.



BUILDER looks at construction defects, american classics, the latest products, and more.






The Little Guy Survival Guide: Smaller builders thrive by closing the gaps left by publics.


November - Big Builder Supplement

PRODUCTION STYLE - Make cookie-cutter houses seem custom with floor plan flexibility, exterior artistry, and energy guarantees. NEW BEATS OLD - Your biggest competitors aren't the other home builders in your market-they're existing for-sale houses.



Winning the Land Game: Four proven strategies to compete with the nationals.


2012 Digital Editions


The 29th annual New American Home; Analysts and economists handicap the housing recovery; The desire to own a home remains strong; State of the Industry, and more.



The 2012 BUILDER Concept Home features three houses designed for Gen Y,X, and B; Hearthstone Awards honor Dan Wallrath and Van Metre Homes; Builders discuss what sells homes, and more



Business standouts are featured in the America's Best Builders 2012; Profiles of projects that accomodate density; John Wieland finds success by changing his company's focus, and more.



The annual Buyer's Guide - an in-depth look at the product brands builders use most; 50 most popular building products; Affordable luxury products; 2011 BUILDER brand use study and more.



The BUILDER 100 is revealed; A photo essay of burgeoning pockets of home building activity; The winner of the 2012 Hanley Award for Vision and Leadership in Sustainable Housing and more.


May - Big Builder Supplement

This special Big Builder supplement takes a look at how the 13 largest public builders fared in 2011; Private builders are beginning to learn how to do more with less; Chief executive compensation in 2011 and more.



Local Leaders experience a 2011 resurgence; Natural materials and seamless transitions highlight the 2012 Watermark Award winners; Good design turns home shoppers into home buyers, and more.



A city recovers in the aftermath of a killer tornado; Project of the Month: An old Chicago warehouse becomes a family’s new home; Our annual green design and products review, and more.



Five very different, award-winning projects; Necessity is the mother of invention for builders fighting off the recession; Interest list yields consultants, then buyers, and more.



Three inspired projects offer plans that accommodate several generations at once; A generation of younger builders is beginning to assert itself, and more.



2012 Builder's Choice: This year’s award winners harmonize with their surroundings, let the best of the outside in, and offer superior livability; Home prices show increasing positive appreciation, and more.



Four inspired projects showcase an inventively adapted traditional farmhouse style; Builders are hopeful that a restructured mortgage finance system won’t create more obstacles; A garage that’s functional yet cozy and inviting, and more.



Four case studies: the warmer side of modernism; IBS Pre-show planner; and Where do the Boomers want to live?


2011 Digital Editions

January 2011

Welcome to the Future - A Production Home Goes All the Way to Net Zero; The New American Home; The State of the Industry Survey; The Future of Housing and more.


February 2011

Unconventional Wisdom - Four projects open up new territory by taking the road less traveled; 2011 Hearthstone Builder Humanitarain Awards; Innovation in less than 1,600 square feet; Electric radiant flooring and more.


March 2011

Comfort Zone - The Passive House uses 83% less energy than the average home; America's Best Builders 2011; Getting buyers to commit; Energy monitoring devices and more.


April 2011

The annual Buyer's Guide - over 8,800 product listings in 238 categories; 50 most popular building products; Shopping with an architect; 2011 BUILDER brand use study and more.


May 2011

BUILDER 100 - Big builders see the light at the end of the tunnel; 2011 Watermark Awards; Products: A new feel for tile; Desnity done right and more.


June 2011

Best Selling Communities - Unexpected touches turn buyers' heads in today's market; Local Leaders; iPads help buyers stay in touch; Rethinking lot dimensions and more.


July 2011

Targets of Opportunity - How to zero in on diffcult, yet promising locations; Special green section; Tighter plan offers more space; Is social media necessary and more.


August 2011

Gold Nugget Awards 2011 - Award-winning design showcases clean lines and natural materials; Redline: An exterior facelift; 15 tips for selling in today's market; Will U.S. investment in housing end? and more.



BUILDER/American Lives home shoppers' survey - A survey of home shoppers offers insight into their thoughts on buying a home; Design Detail: a chemical treatment transforms steel into art; Prefab, modular homes adopt a green identity, and more.



2011 Builder's Choice Awards - The 2011 winners are announced; Inductees into the Wm. S. Marvin Hall of Fame for Design Excellence; Why private equity hasn't replaced bank financing, and more.



Builders in hard hit markets share secrets for success; Some buyers are bucking the smaller house trend and going for big-box homes; How the largets builder in Utah has stayed on top, and more.


November - Big Builder Supplement

THE ROAD GOES ON - Mountain House-living proof that it's possible to rebuild the American Dream out of the stuff of nightmares.



Updating traditional forms with contemporary designs; Ten housing innovators put their ideas on the line; A sneak peek at BUILDER's 2012 Concept Home, and more.


2010 Digital Editions

January 2010

IBS 2010 - Must-see products; A home for the new economy; 10 drivers that will shape home building; State of the industry survey; The new American home; Economic forecast 2010 and more.


February 2010

10 tips to ace the sring selling season; Production builders find the sweet spot with small homes; Simplified customization helps builders compete on product instead of price; The Hearthstone BUILDER Awards; Alternative flooring, new doorhardware and more.


March 2010

Builders crack the code for selling small homes; Surviving bankruptcy alters views on land and debt; Optimum value engineering approaches tipping point; New twiest on rent-to-own and more.


April 2010

2010 Buyer's Guide and web directory; The 50 most popular building products of 2009 and more.


May 2010

Builder 100: Despite economic conditions, some top builders recorded gains in both closings and revenue; The 2010 Watermark Kitchen and Bath Awards; New offerings from the world of photovoltaic roofing and more.


June 2010

Four projects aim for net-zero energy-efficiancy goal: Local Leaders 2009: Most markets hit bottom - and a few seem to be heading back up; 10 ideas that will shape housing in the coming decade; Water-saving showerheads and more.


July 2010

What's Your Next Big Idea? How some companies marshal their forces to reinvent their businesses and their product: Green products and design: Smart technology for new homes and more.


August 2010

50 Ways to Waste Your Money: Shore up your bottom line with these 50 common sense tips: 2010 Gold Nugget Awards: Expert advice on gaining and maintaining customer satisfaction and more.


September 2010

Rethink, Revise, Results - Reimagined homes find success in the new economy; Private financing puts builders back in the business; :BUILDER/American Lives 2010 Customer Survey: Downtown condos offer electronic valet parking and more.


October 2010

Builder's Choice 2010 - celebrating design of and for our time; Hall of Fame - Newest inductees reflect on keys to survival; :Building a sustainable business model; BUILDER's 2011 Concept Home and more.


November 2010

Thinking Inside The Box - We challenge four architects to do more with less; Energy Boost - Five basics of energy efficient design and construction; Builders use social media to connect with customers and more.


December 2010

Low Cost, High Style - Budget-friendly tips deliver first-class design details; Don't miss the new Builder concept home; :Industry watchers offer their thoughts on how to fix housing: 2011 IBS pre-show planner and more.


2010 Big Builder Digital Editions

March - Big Builder Supplement

WOODSIDE'S WHITE KNIGHT - With Joel Shine at the reigns, a private power moves from Chapter 11 to a new chapter.


April - Big Builder Supplement

A NEW STANDARD - Industry outsider Ken Campbell gets Standard Pacific onto terra firma.


May - Big Builder Supplement

HOW RECOVERY STARTS - As the nation claws its way from doubt to uncertainty, defiance and resilience rule for private builders.


June - Big Builder Supplement

LEARN NOW OR PAY LATER - The Green Issue: The biggest risk to home builders would be to take an inflexible position on the green debate and await the outcome. We look at simple ways to improve energy-efficiency, how to sell green homes and ways to finance these green solutions.


July - Big Builder Supplement

CONNECT THE LOTS - Eager to bury their past sins of excess, big builders dig new ground with hopes of recovery.


September - Big Builder Supplement

CENTER OF BALANCE - Sheryl Palmer shifts power to the field as Taylor Morrison grinds out wins.


October - Big Builder Supplement

NOT MISSING A BEAT - As Yearley takes the helm at Toll Brothers, succession's just a natural part of the master's plan.


November - Big Builder Supplement

HOUSE ARREST - Will the results of the midterm elections shackle housing's emerging recovery?