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Editor's Notes

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    What Changes?

    As debate and perceptions raise questions as to whether housing's turned a corner, home builders need to ignore the noise and improve their operations at every turn.



House of the Month

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    Right Down the Line

    Pocket doors, sliding window walls, and openness to the outside offer privacy and a connection to the outside on an infill lot in Venice, Calif.


Field Report


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    Growth Ahead

    Forecast shows improvement in most markets.




  • Smooth Landing

    Taking its cues from the main house, this boat dock provides shade from the sun and exposure to the breeze, with louvered ipe walls and a stone pier that houses pipes for an outdoor shower.


Red Tape


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    One Stop Shop

    Grayhawk Homes moves its offices and sales center to a prominent corner in Columbus, Ga.


Game Changer

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    Infill Incentive

    AmeriSus kicks in $2,500 for every house built with its kits.



Editor's Pick

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    Color Coded

    Designer and color guru Jonathan Adler partners with Kohler to offer kitchen and bath sinks in vivid colors.


Top Shelf

Make or Break

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    Farm Fresh

    A Minnesota firm brings the farm house into the modern era.


Category Review

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    High Fiber

    Is it time to switch to fiberglass windows in your homes?


Sound Off

Crowe's Economy

  • David CroweChief Economist NAHBWashington,

    Contract Out

    More than 90 percent of home builders contract out operations typically done by skilled and specialty trades.



  • Todd Ullom with Gary Hartogh (tall) of Couture Lifestyle Homes in Jupiter, Florida August 1, 2012Credit: Gary Bogdon/Sublime Management212.777.3515

    Filling the Void

    Four owners customize their systems and floor plans to meet the needs of a changing buyer base.

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    Halving It All

    Architect Michael L. Woodley offers up a few ideas of how to make a little bit of land go a long way.

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    Lost Cause

    Industry officials are perplexed at Obama's and Romney's unwillingness to assume leadership positions on this sector's problems.

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    Modern Family

    Three projects show how to accommodate several generations in one home, with a balance of privacy and togetherness.


Build Smart

Construction Detail

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    Breathe Easy

    The LUNOAS E2 units are the size of a coffee can and are an easy way to supply fresh air in a home.



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    Architect Bill Hezmalhalch shows how he's retooling the traditional single-family home to answer the call for multigen living options.



  • Random Cracking Cracks that radiate across a concrete surface are unsightly and unsettling. In time, water can enter a crack and freeze, which causes further damage and widens the rack.

    Cracked Concrete

    The goal, since all concrete cracks, is to provide a planned place for that to happen, called a contraction joint.


National Beat

Chairman's Letter

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    Heads Up

    IBS is just around the corner. What better way for those in the home building industry to get back up to speed on everything they need to know to move forward as the housing market begins to improve.


NAHB Research Center Corner

  • Urban Development

    Urban NW Homes is all in when it comes to getting its homes and development certified to the National Green Building Standard.



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    Natural Order

    Scientists turn to biomimicry to devise better, safer products.


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