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Editor's Notes

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    How It Works

    As with any well-designed product, a home's user experience trumps its appearance.



House of the Month

  • Lakeside Camp is part of a family property on a lake in New Hampshire.

    Family Camp

    Built as a companion to the original 1960s home on family property, Lakeside Camp is a modernist take on a lakeside lodge.


Field Report


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    Making Progress

    A sign that housing has turned a corner is the fact that home prices are showing positive appreciation in 2012.



  • River Point was built amongst an old series of farm sheds.

    Step Lively

    In a seaside house, a cut-out stair rail has a traditional craftsman's touch, with a light hand.


Jump Ball

  • Seth Tobey is director of construction for Houston-based Chesmar Homes.

    Field Coverage

    More companies have their field lieutenants handle warranties.


Game Changer

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    Erector Set

    A new framing system catches on with architects and some builders in California.



Editor's Pick

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    Hands Off

    Moments features an electronic sensor that activates the faucet.


Top Shelf

Category Review

  • Virtu Reality Made from just three layers, Virtu engineered-wood floors feature True Balanced Construction so the product will maintain its dimensional stability through seasonal changes. The top and bottom layers are the same species, thickness, and cut (flat-sawn or quarter-sawn). Its available unfinished or pre-finished in widths up to 12 inches and lengths up to 16 inches. Virtu Wood Flooring. 845-535-3800.

    Floor It

    The (very) mature wood flooring category is as dynamic as ever.


Sound Off

Crowe's Economy

  • Domino Effect

    The size and breadth of home price increases provides greater assurance that the housing market is slowly turning around.



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    In Others’ Words

    Builder asks the people who know these men best to impart some insight into the root of the inductees' brilliance.

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    Potent Medicine

    The Affordable Care Act is reshaping the health care coverage builders offer their employees.

  • Potent Medicine

    But there's still a lot of ambiguity surrounding the Affordable Care Act.

  • Tough Decisions About the Affordable Care Act

    The Affordable Care Act will cost more than $1 trillion over the next decade and might require builders to make some choices.

  • Health Care Reform Close Up

    These website links provide an array of helpful information and data about the Act and how it is likely to play out over the next several years.


Builder's Choice

Build Smart

Construction Detail

How To


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    Neat, With a Twist

    Designer and builder Ed Binkley shows how a traditional farm house massing paired with contemporary faÁade details will snag buyers of all generations.


National Beat

Chairman's Letter

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    Long Road Back

    The housing market is recovering but the upturn is modest at best, and the path will be a long one.


NAHB Research Center Corner

  • Key Player

    Certification by the NAHB Research Center to the National Green Building Standard is applicable for the secondary mortgage lender's green mortgage backed security designation.



  • Sustainable Structure Affresol wants to roll out its Thermo Poly Rock product to frame 400 houses in the next year.

    Passing the Baton

    Several companies are using recycled plastic as ingredients for lighter, stronger composites.