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Editor's Notes

  • Denise DersinEditor in

    Storm Warning

    Infrastructure and power failures reveal major flaws in current systems.



House of the Month

  • The interior of this stone cottage includes trusses and flooring made out of reclaimed timbers.

    Digging Deeper

    Zoning restrictions that could have been frustrating resulted in a beautiful cottage that snuggles right into its site


Field Report


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    Under the Influence

    Consumer research provides clues to builders on how to convince home shoppers to buy new.



  • Woodland Hall House, Columbus, OhioArchitect: Meyers  Associates, ColumbusBuilder: Ghiloni Custom Builders, Granville, Ohio


    Corner details in the bedroom and kitchen of a large midwestern home are as beautiful as they are durable.


Jump Ball

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    Face Time

    Less of a hard sell, more enphasis on the particulars of the purchase.


Red Tape


Success Story

  • Heron Bay had amenities and location but needed some goodwill.

    Timed Delay

    WCI Communities put in years of hard work and political savvy to jump-start a South Florida community tainted by bankruptcy and Chinese drywall.



Editor's Pick

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    Oborain Outdoor Shower

    This stainless steel and wood outdoor shower come as one package that can be assembled in 30 minutes.


Top Shelf

Make or Break

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    Green Space

    A landscape designer shows why outside is just as important as inside.


Sound Off

Crowe's Economy

  • David CroweChief Economist NAHBWashington,

    Housing’s Spark

    Although not leading the recovery as in previous recessions, housing finally is providing a significant boost to economic activity.



  • Osprey House, Osprey, Fla. Architect: Sweet Sparkman Architects, Sarasota, Fla.Builder: Michael K. Walker & Associates, Sarasota

    Sense of Place

    Varied ceiling heights and wood trim give an open kitchen-dining-living area a sense of definition and enclosure. Engineered wood flooring adds warm tones.

  • Palo Alto Residence, Palo Alto, Calif.Architect: CCS Architecture, San FranciscoBuilder: K Welton Inc. Palo Alto

    Open Passage

    To cozy up a wide, white transitional space, use it to showcase belongings that matter--like books. An entryway that is sheltered yet visible from the street adds what architect Cass Calder Smith calls "psychological warmth."

  • AB Highway Residence, West Plains, Mo.  Architect: Core10 Architecture, St. LouisBuilder: Feller Construction, West Plains

    Ready for Takeoff

    Ready for Takeoff: A Roof that's barely sloped sloughs off snow, while cedar soffits play of glass, white lines, and strong forms.

  • Lake Forest Park House, Lake Forest Park, Wash.Architect: Finne Architects, SeattleBuilder: Schultz Miller,Seattle

    Warming Trend

    To prove that modernism doesn't have to be cold, this design story looks at four custom homes, located in diverse pockets of the country

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    The New American Home 2013

    The annual idea home co-sponsored by BUILDER and the NAHB celebrates its 30th year with a truly unique approach to luxury living.

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    All the Lonely People

    Baby boomers are looking to buy homes where they can be connected to community and focus on living.


Build Smart

Construction Detail

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    Remember the Blocking

    Custom builders need to adopt a similar process to what is known in production building as "pick-up framing," where a crew follows the house framers installing blocking in the right places.


How To

  • 1. Size by Room Size the duct system room by room. (Note: Oversizing the central unit is a no-no, but up-sizing your ducts by 1 inch or 2 inches can reduce friction.)

    Balancing Act

    For best performance, air-conditioning supply and return airflows should match.



  • Guest architect Rich Bubnowski is principal at Richard Bubnowski Design in Point Pleasant Beach, N.J.

    Up Front

    With a little thought and some design tweaks, architect Rich Bubnowski shows how a front-loaded garage can be in balance with the rest of a detached home's front elevation.



National Beat

Chairman's Letter

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    See You at the Show

    To position your company for success as the market rebounds, do yourself a favor and attend the International Builders' Show.


NAHB Research Center Corner

  • Service Provider

    The NAHB Research Center will provide technical assistance to the Army Housing Division.



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    No Sweat

    The DOE develops an evaporative cooler that uses desiccants to dry incoming air.