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Editor's Notes

  • Denise DersinEditor in

    Storm Warning

    Infrastructure and power failures reveal major flaws in current systems.



House of the Month

  • The interior of this stone cottage includes trusses and flooring made out of reclaimed timbers.

    Digging Deeper

    Zoning restrictions that could have been frustrating resulted in a beautiful cottage that snuggles right into its site


Field Report


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    Under the Influence

    Consumer research provides clues to builders on how to convince home shoppers to buy new.



  • Woodland Hall House, Columbus, OhioArchitect: Meyers  Associates, ColumbusBuilder: Ghiloni Custom Builders, Granville, Ohio


    Corner details in the bedroom and kitchen of a large midwestern home are as beautiful as they are durable.


Jump Ball

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    Face Time

    Less of a hard sell, more enphasis on the particulars of the purchase.


Red Tape


Success Story

  • Heron Bay had amenities and location but needed some goodwill.

    Timed Delay

    WCI Communities put in years of hard work and political savvy to jump-start a South Florida community tainted by bankruptcy and Chinese drywall.



Editor's Pick

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    Oborain Outdoor Shower

    This stainless steel and wood outdoor shower come as one package that can be assembled in 30 minutes.


Top Shelf

Make or Break

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    Green Space

    A landscape designer shows why outside is just as important as inside.


Sound Off

Crowe's Economy

  • David CroweChief Economist NAHBWashington,

    Housing’s Spark

    Although not leading the recovery as in previous recessions, housing finally is providing a significant boost to economic activity.



  • Osprey House, Osprey, Fla. Architect: Sweet Sparkman Architects, Sarasota, Fla.Builder: Michael K. Walker & Associates, Sarasota

    Sense of Place

    Varied ceiling heights and wood trim give an open kitchen-dining-living area a sense of definition and enclosure. Engineered wood flooring adds warm tones.

  • Palo Alto Residence, Palo Alto, Calif.Architect: CCS Architecture, San FranciscoBuilder: K Welton Inc. Palo Alto

    Open Passage

    To cozy up a wide, white transitional space, use it to showcase belongings that matter--like books. An entryway that is sheltered yet visible from the street adds what architect Cass Calder Smith calls "psychological warmth."

  • AB Highway Residence, West Plains, Mo.  Architect: Core10 Architecture, St. LouisBuilder: Feller Construction, West Plains

    Ready for Takeoff

    Ready for Takeoff: A Roof that's barely sloped sloughs off snow, while cedar soffits play of glass, white lines, and strong forms.

  • Lake Forest Park House, Lake Forest Park, Wash.Architect: Finne Architects, SeattleBuilder: Schultz Miller,Seattle

    Warming Trend

    To prove that modernism doesn't have to be cold, this design story looks at four custom homes, located in diverse pockets of the country

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    The New American Home 2013

    The annual idea home co-sponsored by BUILDER and the NAHB celebrates its 30th year with a truly unique approach to luxury living.

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    All the Lonely People

    Baby boomers are looking to buy homes where they can be connected to community and focus on living.

  • Potent Medicine

    But there's still a lot of ambiguity surrounding the Affordable Care Act.


Build Smart

Construction Detail

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    Remember the Blocking

    Custom builders need to adopt a similar process to what is known in production building as "pick-up framing," where a crew follows the house framers installing blocking in the right places.


How To

  • 1. Size by Room Size the duct system room by room. (Note: Oversizing the central unit is a no-no, but up-sizing your ducts by 1 inch or 2 inches can reduce friction.)

    Balancing Act

    For best performance, air-conditioning supply and return airflows should match.

  • 2. Use Coarse Granular Material Cover the footing drains with gravel and filter fabric. If the existing site soils contain clay or organic matter, bring in better fill to complete the backfilling. Pit run or bank run gravel makes an economical and effective fill.

    Better Backfill

    Careful backfilling reduces risks and improves quality.



  • Guest architect Rich Bubnowski is principal at Richard Bubnowski Design in Point Pleasant Beach, N.J.

    Up Front

    With a little thought and some design tweaks, architect Rich Bubnowski shows how a front-loaded garage can be in balance with the rest of a detached home's front elevation.

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    Looking Up

    Differentiated ceiling planes add interest and help sell homes.



National Beat

Chairman's Letter

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    See You at the Show

    To position your company for success as the market rebounds, do yourself a favor and attend the International Builders' Show.

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    All Together Now

    Several working groups have been created by the NAHB to tackle issues that impact the home building industry.


NAHB Research Center Corner

  • Service Provider

    The NAHB Research Center will provide technical assistance to the Army Housing Division.

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    Unanimous Vote

    New York state offers tax exemptions for NGBS certified buildings.



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    No Sweat

    The DOE develops an evaporative cooler that uses desiccants to dry incoming air.

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    Chemical Reaction

    A Harvard-led research team devises a system that is capable of responding to different atmospheres.


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