Table of Contents January 2010

Editor's Notes

  • Glimmers of Hope

    A difficult decade ends, and the next one offers promise along with much change for the housing industry.



  • Must See

    Despite a weak economy, manufacturers have developed countless cool, new products.


Inside Story

  • Back to School

    Over 18 months, the Los Angeles area custom builder organized its departments and employees to give each more authority.

  • Panel Discussion

    Two homeowners wanted to put part of a proposed system on the side of a hill, visible to their neighbors.

  • Cart Before the Horse

    As a result, this three-year-old builder is having an easier time obtaining financing for its projects.


Success Stories

  • Instant Hit

    A San Diego green neighborhood sells out its first release of new homes in one weekend.


Top Shelf

  • Paper Chase

    GreenFiber all-borate blow-in fiber insulation helps homeowners with tax credits.

  • Bright Lights

    Daylite LED flashlights offer high-quality light without dark spots.

  • Great Grab

    Winter Armor gloves offer protection from water and cold.

  • Eternally Yours

    Eternal hybrid water heater functions like a tank or tankless water heater.

  • Tight Squeeze

    Summit Appliance products fit 20- and 24-inch openings.

  • Do Over

    M+E Collection tiles are made from 60 percent recycled material.

  • Stick With This

    GREENchoice low VOC panel adhesive performs like solvent-based products.

  • Line Up

    FrogTape allows contractors to paint straight lines and fancy patterns without mess.


Green House

  • New American Green

    Although the home won't be ready for IBS, it was primed to achieve a high level of energy performance through an impressive list of green products.


    Green is Standard

    Houston builder-developers ZH Homes commits to building green and boosts its sales.


Crowe's Economy

  • Not Dead Yet

    The dream of homeownership is not dead yet.


Digital Home


  • Hard Times and Green Shoots

    Latest survey reveals an industry of drastically downsized home builders struggling to survive.

  • A Home for the New Economy

    Easy to finance, build, market, and maintain, BUILDER'S prototype home takes flexibility to a new level.

  • 2010 Housing Forecast

    Economists predict new-home building won't snap back as quickly as it has after previous housing recessions.


National Beat

  • JONES ?? BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI, NOV 30, 2009: Bob Jones (Robert R. Jones) the owner of Robert R. Jones Homes which specializes in designing, building and developing homes and real estate is also the new head of the National Association of Home Builders. Photo Credit: Fabrizio Costantini Aurora for Builder Magazine

    Taking the Reins in Tough Times

    Robert Jones, a Michigan-based builder, wants to keep the association relevant for its members.

  • 2010 EVHA Finalists

    The winners will be announced at the International Builders' Show on Jan. 18 in Las Vegas.

  • Tough Wins

    The National Association of Home Builders won some difficult battles this past year.


Last Word

Other Articles

  • An Unfinished Life

    This show home sits three-quarters finished, the victim of the construction financing crisis.