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  • Seeking Solutions

    It takes more time, effort, and heartache to solve problems than it does to create them.

  • The Big Leap

    Recent Census data indicates the American dream of homeownership has gone underground.



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    Show Toppers

    Amid the thousands of products at IBS, these stand out.

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    Sneak Peek

    A wealth of efficiency-focused products will dominate IBS 2011.

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    Curb Appeal

    A good inside starts with a good outside.

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    Outdoor Life

    Cooking and dining al fresco remain popular, but home buyers want value in their outdoor living spaces.


Inside Story

  • No Frills: With construction financing from its land developer-partner, C. Anderson Homes is building basic houses selling in the $200,000 range.

    Stepping In

    The goal is to build workforce housing in the $200,000 range.

  • Urban Living: Midtown Crossing, a mixed-use complex with 297 for-sale condos, was built following Omaha??s latest environmental guidelines.

    Denser and Greener

    A new environmental action plan encourages more mixed-use development.

  • Preparing For The Worst: Two full-sized houses were built inside the Institute for Business and Home Safety??s new research center that can re-create weather ??events?? to see how well building materials hold up.

    Field Tested

    The $40 million, South Carolina–based facility will include builders to devise its methods.

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    Common Interest

    A consumer advocate and software provider think builders could offer this program as a sales incentive.


Top Shelf

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    Measure Up

    The GLR225 laser allows users to calculate a variety of measurements.

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    Drain Line

    Infinity Drain eliminates the need for the center installation in the shower.

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    Long Drive

    The DFCR17C is the world's first fuel-powered cordless roofing nailer.

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    Stone Cold

    POM mesh-mounted cobblestone installs fast and easy.

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    Bit Player

    This screwdriver performs unique fastening applications for professional electricians.

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    Board Decision

    Summit board features a design that sheds water more effectively.

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    See Through

    SeeSnake D65S allows users to do precise inspections in various pipe installations.

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    Max Power

    Tools blend power, size, and comfort.

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    Sustainable Cool

    Riverstone flooring is made with FSC-certified European larch.

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    Look Ma, No Flange

    The Affluence line of sinks has no flange around the drain.

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    Catch a Fire

    The Ambiance bioethanol fireplace burns cleanly so it does not need a chimney.

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    Eclectic Assortment

    Briggs Collection of hardware captures the boho spirit.

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    Haute Hardware

    Couture Collection features finely detailed solid brass handles.

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    Heat Seeker

    The FLIR i5 is an affordable thermal imaging camera.

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    Point Source

    AHQ-T16 tankless water heater can handle a sink and a shower simultaneously.

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    Tune Up

    Vedana turns a shower into a home spa.


Green House

  • Applying LCA

    The company promotes the application of independent life-cycle analyses to verify claims of environmental practices and product performance.

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    Builders' Turn

    There are still tax credits available for solar energy systems, geothermal heating and cooling systems, small wind turbines, and fuel cells.

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    Crossing Over

    Campbell Crossing is a community of traditionally styled, modestly priced duplex housing for military personnel.

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    Green is Durable

    The Portland Cement Association and the Institute for Business and Home Safety have joined forces to create more stringent requirements for green building codes.

  • What’s the Smart Grid?

    A better way to manage energy is on the horizon.

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    Real World

    A trio of new homes in New Orleans were built to access the cost and methods of building green to different certification levels.


Housing Pulse

  • Green Is Gold

    Home Buyers are attracted to houses that offer energy savings, affordability, and sensible design choices.


Crowe's Economy

Digital Home

  • Sound Systems

    Comprehensive home media experiences will help differentiate builders' products from their competitors.

  • Trendsetters

    When the market comes back, builders will find a different environment in terms of home technology.


Tech Tools

  • Not For Resale

    Federal appeals court in Seattle upheld the terms of a commercial software publisher's end-user license agreement.

  • The iPad Cometh

    The iPad hasn't replaced laptops just yet but it's coming.



  • A Gift For Thrift: Inexpensive fiberglass grates, industrial railings, and bamboo plywood floors give Ed Binkley??s Florida home an edge.

    Low Cost, High Style

    Ten builders and architects share how they cut costs and still came out looking like a million bucks.

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    Show Home Tours

    This January, Builder magazine presents a pair of very different show homes that exemplify energy and resource efficiency.

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    Housing Fix

    Mortgage interest-rate refinancing and accelerated foreclosures hold the keys to recovery, many say.

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    The New Water Cooler

    Companies look to create a sense of community about their products and neighborhoods.

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    Energy Equation

    You can build a high-performance home by focusing on these five areas.


Special Section

  • Get a Head Start

    Get a head start for the new year by attending the IBS in Orlando, Fla.


National Beat

  • Testing 1, 2, 3

    The Research Center can now accurately simulate windo pressure histories on wall systems.

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    Appraisal Action

    This new rule from the Federal Reserve states that home builders can ask an appraiser to consider additional information about a property.

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    Award Winners

    The NAHB Research Center announces the 12 builders and remodelers that have been selected to receive the 2011 EVHA.

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    Watershed Down

    Attempts to reduce the federal deficit may threaten tax breaks for housing.


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