Table of Contents January 2009

Editor's Notes

  • A Better Way?

    We need a housing policy that provides more stable returns for homeowners and builders.


Inside Story

  • Accentuating the Positive

    HBAs are accentuating the positive and reminding builders about the value of their services.

  • A Simple Plan

    Builder offers simpler, lower-priced homes, and aggressively markets unsold inventory.

  • Changing Direction

    OKKS Development refocuses on for-sale projects.


Top Shelf

Green House

  • Consumer Confusion

    Eco Pulse survey finds that home buyers aren't so savvy in the ways of green building.

  • Raising the Bar

    Green communities are providing builders and developers with attractive economies of scale and marketing advantages.


Sales Strategies

  • The Nose Knows

    The sense of smell has the strongest connection to the emotional part of the brain

  • Work the Web

    Search engine optimization and site usability are critical factors

  • Ribbon Cutting March 18, 2008

    Open House

    Leverage the power of residents, vendors and local businesses to keep costs down


Industry Insight

  • Small Steps

    While they’re a step in the right direction, lower mortgage rates won’t solve the foreclosure and confidence problems the market is facing.


Higher Ground

  • Eber’s Law

    Home builders need to return to operational excellence in order to succeed.


Tech Tools

  • Tool for Tough Times

    New Jersey builder reaches into its IT toolkit to weather the housing crunch.

  • Gen Y Wants Interface

    Generation Y wants high-tech solutions to managing every aspect of their new homes.



  • Battening Down the Hatches

    BUILDER's "State of the Industry" survey shows that home builders are cutting staff and shifting their focus.

  • Starting Over

    How the housing market that once drove the U.S. economy helped push it to the breaking point.


National Beat

  • Hard Learned

    After a bad year, there are a few lessons the industry can take away from 2008.

  • Survey Says

    A new product review panel is now available from the NAHB Research Center.

  • The Activist

    Joe Robson of Oklahoma sees himself as a unifier


Last Word

Other Articles

  • The New American Home 2009

    The New American Home 2009 rejuvenates modern single-family living with a balance of contemporary lines and comfortable living spaces with an impressive level of environmental consciousness.

  • Field Report

    A recent survey of builders reveals that urgent action is needed to stop the housing industry's downward sprial.