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How-To Properly Lap Step Flashing To Prevent LeakingHow-To Properly Lap Step Flashing To Prevent Leaking

When a shingled roof meets a side wall, improper installation of flashing can cause rainwater to leak inside. Keeping this area of the house dry is a tough endeavor so taking extra care to prevent leaking will prevent callbacks and future headaches. Read more

Greenbuild Living Home ProductsGreenbuild Living Home Products

A sampling of the project’s high-performance products and materials. Read more

How-To Install New Drainable EIFSHow-To Install New Drainable EIFS

New “drainable EIFS” that have backup drainage to let water out if it leaks past the outer skin. Read more

11 Inspiring Retro Style Logos Created for Builders11 Inspiring Retro Style Logos Created for Builders

These so-called “Grandpa graphics” are modernized versions of vintage 1940s and 50s images that evoke a bygone era focused on handmade quality and business deals done on a handshake. Read more

Generac's Manufacturing UpgradesGenerac's Manufacturing Upgrades

A virtual tour of the updates that Generac has implemented in its model production line at its Whitewater, Wisc., facility. Read more

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