Courtesy 1&1 Internet

Oliver Mauss, CEO of 1&1 Internet and whose 1&1 MyWebsite quick-start website builder recently was optimized for smartphones and social media, reminds us that as sophisticated as builder software can get, the lowly website is often the first point of contact for home shoppers. Accordingly, Mauss underlines the five high notes any good website needs to hit:

  • Look Attractive—Make it clean, easy to read, and simple to navigate.
  • Create a Clear Identity—Determine your differentiators and put them out in front.
  • Update Often—Keep the site’s information current, especially when it comes to contacts.
  • Promote It—Make your URL part of your branding, from business cards to social media.
  • Organize Content for Search Engine Optimization—SEO is crucial to getting and keeping your website high on the hits lists, so link strategically, link often, and use keywords.

“Creating and maintaining an effective presence on the Internet has become a requirement,” says Maus. “If [potential customers] cannot find your company on the Web, they will find your competitors.”