In: using the Web to find infill condos

Out: spending Saturdays driving to model homes

In: slowdown

Out: bubble

In: innovative fixed-rate mortgages

Out: one-year adjustable rate mortgages

In: Reno/Lake Tahoe

Out: Michigan's lakefront


In: building with components

Out: building on site

In: Old World ceramic tile

Out: white ceramic tile

In: moisture-resistant, fiberglass-covered gypsum

Out: traditional drywall

In: bamboo flooring

Out: oak flooring

In: bottom-mount refrigerators

Out: top-mount refrigerators


In: customer segmentation by lifestyle

Out: customer segmentation by product type

In: limited high-value, lifestyle-oriented option packages

Out: massive amounts of upgrade options

In: extended hours in design centers

Out: weekday, business-hour–only appointments

In: virtual reality tours, interactive kiosks

Out: static displays in sales centers

In: small ads designed to drive buyers to Web sites

Out: full-page newspaper ads

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