Spider bot, spider bot, does whatever a spider can.

And everybody knows, spiders can build, as Quartz' contributor Mike Murphy reports in his take on robot-driven 3D printing technology. Murphy notes that the people at Siemens have begun looking at nature to see how it builds things--specifically spiders, and the way they can swarm together to build massive nests for themselves. Murphy writes:

A team of researchers at its Princeton, New Jersey, laboratory are creating autonomous spider-like robots that can work together to 3D-print structures on command. While Siemens isn’t known for its robotics research, Livio Dalloro, the head of the company’s “Product Design, Simulation & Modeling Research” group in Princeton, said in an interview that the company views the bots as a “moonshot.” It hopes to entice researchers from across its hundreds of global offices to develop applications for the robots and create new products.

Still, imagine all those productive workers on a jobsite, assembling homes without the helpful provocation of a "supe." We've turned up just the thing, for a calm but highly focused construction cycle workstream: a Robot Monk?

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