Ask a builder about what gets stolen from his jobsites and the answer will probably be, "anything that's not nailed down, and a lot of things that are." It's the truth. In a BUILDER reader survey on jobsite theft conducted in the fall of 2007, we learned that with all the things thieves carry off, they could pretty much build their own houses.

In order, the top items stolen from sites were:

      1. Copper wiring and pipe
      2. Lumber
      3. Appliances
      4. Air-conditioning units
      5. Power tools
      6. Windows

Readers also told BUILDER that thieves made off with:

      Exterior doors
      Soffit and fascia
      Roofing materials
      Ladders and scaffolding equipment
      Chain saws
      Office supplies
      Jobsite trailers
      A Bobcat
      Well pumps and water equipment
      Generators and compressors
      Flooring tiles
      Diesel fuel from excavating equipment
      Light fixtures
      Plumbing fixtures
      Finish hardware

That compares with an NAHB survey done in the 1990s that listed lumber as the item stolen most often. After that, it was tools, windows, doors, and heating and AC systems and other materials.

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