Step Up

The GoPro universal stair system makes it faster and easier for contractors to cut stair stringers on site. The system includes left side, right side, and bottom brackets made from 16-gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel, and the brackets feature scale markings indicating the staircase rise and run. ? Cost: $4.50 per piece. GoPro Construction Solutions. 877-577-4142.

Light Touch

This showerhead is a whimsical little number that offers a change of pace. The temperature-controlled Shower Light shines a corresponding stream of LED light as the water temperature varies, so users will know when the water is ready. It goes from blue (for cold) to red when the water reaches 89 degrees. The device generates its own power as water flows through the turbine, so it doesn’t require batteries. ? Cost: $49.95. Hog Wild. 888-231-6465.

Flex Time

EverClean flexible duct has a liner and reinforced, metalized vapor barrier that provide a double air seal to prevent leaks and save energy. The Energy Star–rated duct resists mold and mildew growth and has earned the GreenGuard certification for improving indoor air quality. ? Cost: $80 to $100 per carton. Thermaflex. 800-459-4822.

Zap It

Zap primers help block stains and odors before top coat is applied. Designed for new or existing construction, the products offer one-coat application and come in an interior-exterior latex primer that is low in volatile organic compounds and an interior oil-based version. Quart, gallon, and five-gallon sizes are available. ? Cost: $9.98 to $12.98 per gallon. Valspar Corp. 612-332-7371.

Fit to Print

TileArt allows builders to use ceramic tile to complement a variety of design themes. The tiles feature high-resolution graphic imagery that capture the look of a hand-painted product. The finish is permanent and durable, and the tile comes in various styles including French Country and Asian. ? Cost: $15 to $25 per square foot. Imagine Tile. 800-680-8453.

Clean Corners

Details, especially corners, are usually where siding installation shows its true quality. Kwik Corner, a vinyl siding accessory, allows contractors to finish corners around windows and doors with a cleaner look. Available in more than 150 colors, it produces corners with a seamless and watertight finish. ? Cost: $7.99 for four. RLC Technologies. 866-781-5945.

Cuts Both Ways

It’s no longer necessary to score both sides of wallboard. BladeRunner is a handy little tool that will cut both sides of drywall simultaneously. It has two independent cutting halves so that when the top half moves, the bottom half, following the top with a high-strength magnet, makes a clean cut in the exact same pattern. ? Cost: 79.99. CertainTeed. 866-562-4229.

Drive Fast

Underlayment installation can be tough on the back and knees, but not with the Quik Drive PROCGB combo system with auto-feed attachments. Allowing installers to stand as they work, the product increases productivity while cutting down user fatigue for quick and easy installation of cement board, fiber-cement, and gypsum underlayment. ? Cost: $381.67. Simpson Strong-Tie Co. 800-999-5099.