In the Mix Think of Grout Boost as protection in a bottle. Instead of water, mix the product with powdered grout for integrated permanent resistance to water- and oil-based stains. It also eliminates the need for sealing. Cost: $21 for a 27 oz. bottle. Specialty Construction Brands. 866-614-7688.

Hot Hues The Amuse vanity is made from Forest Stewardship Coun-cil–certified woods and features low-VOC paints. Measuring 24 inches wide, it has two traditional drawers and one tilt-out compartment. It comes in 13 colors, and options such as CaesarStone quartz or 3form ecoresin countertops. Cost: $2,500. Waterfall Bathroom Furniture. 888-521-3141.

Sky’s the Limit The anodized-aluminum body of the Sky-Line shower panel hides dual foldaway showerheads, flush-mounted body sprays, a cylindrical hand shower, and a footrest. Measuring 68 1/2 inches high and 7 7/8 inches wide, the unit also includes a built-in thermostatic valve. Chrome and brushed-nickel trim finishes are available. Cost: $3,295 for chrome and $3,395 for brushed nickel. Hansgrohe. 800-334-0455.

Composite Sketch Revolution wood-polymer composite siding is a low-maintenance product with a natural appearance. Made from 50 percent virgin material and 50 percent recycled content, the product feels and looks like wood, but it requires no painting, staining, or caulking. Each 7-inch-wide plank measures 12 feet 6 inches long and features a vertical joining system that keeps it fastened in place. Cost: about $4 per square foot installed. Alside. 800-922-6009.

Suck It Up Designed for clean-ups in kitchens, laundry rooms, and other high traffic areas, Vroom is a built-in vacuum that combines speed and convenience to clean up dry spills. Measuring almost 22 inches deep, 16 1/4 inches high, and 3 1/4 inches wide, it installs directly into a cabinet as a stand-alone appliance or an accessory to a central vacuum system. Cost: $249 to $349. H-P Products. 800-822-8356.

Eco-Centric EcoBuilt is a new line of environmentally friendly garage doors that offers the look and feel of wood. The doors use a minimum of 88 percent recycled content—including Douglas fir among other materials—and resist splitting, warping, cracking, and bending. Doors come prepped for painting and require no exterior priming. Cost: $1,400 to $1,900. Overhead Door Corp. 800-929-3667.

Cut It Out Hate to cut and sand? The Final Cut saw blade can help. It features sanding discs on each side, which produce a fine, double-sided finish. Ideal for woodworkers, carpenters, and cabinetmakers, the blade also creates less kickback and has a longer life than standard blades. Cost: $74.95 for a 10-inch blade and $90 for a 12-inch blade. Final Cut. 866-305-0219.

Wide Load For buyers who think bigger is better, give them the 36-inch Renaissance wall oven, which offers 20 percent more capacity than a standard product. Among its features are a RapidHeat element for faster preheating; six cooking modes; and a four-part convection system for uniform cooking. It comes in stainless steel with chrome, black chrome, brass, or copper trim. Cost: $3,995. Dacor. 800-793-0093.